Raymond Froggatt


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Big thank you Phil Mack for playing froggie on the memory lane t v show Sunday night and to all the DJ s who continue to support froggie on the shows x

Yesterday Froggie learned one of his childhood friends as mentioned in his song Top of the stairs passed away Big Benji .Froggies thoughts go out to his family and message to Benji he will meet him once again at the top of the stairs my dear friend

Well froggie has started on injections to his knees ,as you know he has been suffering quite bad with pain and walking ,after test he has been told his knees are severely corroded froggie is going to try the injections to see if he can get some respite from the chronic pain he is in at the moment .froggie really doesn’t want to go for operations so with your love he will battle through

As always he is looking forward to meeting you all again at the next show and thanks you for your continued support .’"

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It’s snowing in Shropshire today ,no going out Telford in total grid lock earlier .

Due to demand we will be re issuing past CDs,these will be in a cardboard printed cover

For ease of travel and posting,the first re issue is Warm Days, summer nights

Looking forward to the next show I'm feeling good �� can't wait to see you all soon

Happy days sun and fun

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New date for December 5th THE APEX THEATRE ,BURY ST EDMUNDS ☎ 01284758000(afternoon show)

Thoughts and and prayers to all affected in Manchester,

Thursday already in studio today vocals to the new album

Looking forward to Saturday gig at Tenbury Wells 01584811442

Radio pre recorded tonight to go out next week .

H Cain got man flu

Monday no blues here

All is good this sunny Sunday

Hi froggie still not well but keeping himself warm hopefully he will be feeling better soon x

Have you got your froggie tickets

Tour Dates Updated 07/02/2017

Sunday 5th Feb beautiful day for songwriting

Today 4th Feb 2017

froggie was in studio recording ,hoping for a new cd album out later in year.


New dates added today 13th December 2017

Froggie and Band Rehearsal Day 13/01/2017

New DVD release date froggie barn sessions 14th December 2017

2017 dates staring to roll in now ,Froggie can't wait

Fantastic night apex bury st Edmunds thank you all for coming out ,

You are simply the best